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If You Guys Dont Mind

2011-08-28 10:31:54 by sonicdale

Can You check My Youtube Channel And See What It's like, Comment Rate and Hopefully Subscribe!

Thanks For Your Time



2011-07-30 12:41:56 by sonicdale



Portal 2 achievments.

2011-05-14 15:26:46 by sonicdale

The portal achievements are too easy I got 1000G on it. hopefully the DLC will have more on it.

Portal 2 achievments.

Everybody Knows Slappy

2010-10-16 13:28:03 by sonicdale

is it just me or is slappy form dead rising 2 the most freakist enemy on dead rising 2?

Halo fucking reach

2010-09-30 11:36:05 by sonicdale

it iz teh greatizt gamez evar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by n00bie aged 4

hey guys

2010-08-17 04:36:54 by sonicdale

hosting 10th lobbys on Mw2 x box 360 only 2100 for you and 3 friends infections as well such as super speed, aim-bot,super jump, wall hack and texture hack add vG x SiLveRz x for details (my newist GT)

changed my xbox live name

2010-06-08 13:29:32 by sonicdale

sorry guys for not being on much oh anyway make sure you add II EpiikZz x on xbox live. Thanks

hey xbox fans

2010-01-21 03:16:41 by sonicdale

i now have xbox live D41ec4r3y add me if ya want but send me a message as well

ssbb or mkw

2009-12-20 15:02:53 by sonicdale

i just want some people to vs me on super smasg bros brawl or mario kart wii i dont care

i now do art!

2009-09-15 11:12:38 by sonicdale

i hope everyone enjoys my artwork check back regualry for more